The Crow Works is a virtual gallery.

You will eventually find here many facets of my work. As I begin again to work at painting and drawing I find myself in need of a way to make a few dollars for art supplies. So I built this little virtual shop where I pay almost no rent, don’t have to heat it, and I can put a lot more of my work out there without leaving home. It is virtual but I want it to be cozy nonetheless. I hope you find it that way.

When I was young I worked in French restaurants, health food stores, and bookstores. Later I ran my own culinary herb business in Pennsylvania. After that We moved to Maine and I spent fifteen years painting full time and showing my paintings in galleries across The state. My favorite gallery was in Blue Hill in an old carriage house with blue French doors and a quiet enclosed garden. The owner and the place helped me to have the courage, for a time, to exhibit my work.

After that period life took some twists and turns and I went back to my first art making tool, my camera and learning something about digital tools, telling stories about nature with photographs. Some nature prints derived from photographic work have their pages. There is a page of local birds, local wild plants, and soon a series of abstractions of alewives. There is, as well, a page of my first new paintings; simple images, dependent on gestural lines to define them, and hopefully beginning to reveal the tale I would like to tell.

There is a cart for each painting and photographic print in 5 x7 size on 8×10 cotton rag paper with a PayPal button. If that does not work for you contact me at