Native Plants

A key benefit of growing native plants from seed is it’s the best way to preserve the genetic diversity within a species. In the wild, most plants reproduce by seed. Seeds develop when flowers are pollinated (usually by insects, sometimes by the wind) mixing the genes of multiple individuals. This results in genetically diverse individuals. This variation is a wild plant’s best strategy to adapting to future environmental conditions as individuals differ in their ability to deal with drought, heat, flooding, cold, and pollution.

Heather McCargo


how can you tell if you are too close?

“How can you tell if you are too close to an animal? You are too close if it changes its behavior. For example, it stops eating, flees the area (sometimes leaving its young unprotected), its ears go back or the hair on the back of its neck stands up.”
Baxter News, notes from Baxter

On the surface this seems obvious, but it is more than that to me. It is a huge life lesson, both psychological and ecological. All of us need the space to feel safe. Most of the problems on the planet arise from not abiding by this simple rule.