Chasing Cormorants

It is mid Fall and  we stopped at the fish ladder. I came across these  photos when contemplating being too close to animals and how it affects them. First he turns his back on me. Haha. When I persisted he moved off. Eventually he took off under water toward the other shore of the lake and I am left with the late afternoon early October light to enjoy. He was fishing when we arrived above the dam on the barrier . The water is stiller there and the fishing is usually good. I’d chased him off. This is exactly what they Baxter State Park article was about; probably a minor offense, but still…

We humans are so invasive. We are everywhere with our jet skis and atvs. I use neither and yet here I was with my camera and a desire to have his picture. I’ve been thinking about how the wild turkeys have adapted. When they were reintroduced to Central Maine ten or thirty years ago (I forget) they were always wandering around in the road or slowly crossing one at a time, one or two changing their minds and recrossing and the whole show would start all over again. The entire line had to end up on the same side of the road. Sometimes it took five or ten minutes for them to cross.

Now they see you coming they scoot off the road or fly up into a tree. The line breaks in half with some on one side of the road some on the other. Decisions are made quickly which side to move off to. The only explanation I can fathom is that they learned.

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