The Significance Of Lesser Things

Thoreau wrote in his journals:

"I am interested in the fate or success of every such venture which the autumn sends forth. And for this end these silken streamers have been perfecting themselves all summer, snugly packed in this light chest, as perfect adaptations to this end - a prophecy not only of the fall, but of future springs."

and now by :

"As usual, the nativist dream of eradicating
the interloper is intertwined
with a fantasy of restoring the landscape
to its “original” condition."

Weed Whackers. Monsanto, glyphosate, and the war on invasive species

We need resilience. We need strong versatile plants both native and  interlopers. We do not need to fabricate an environment. We need to open up the passageways and welcome diversity. We need to allow for weeds to bloom and go to seed.